Thursday, September 23, 2010

Gnomeo and Juliet Trailer

The Touchstone animated twist on Romeo And Juliet has a new trailer and it looks great. the old music of Elton John adds to the flair of the movie. Be interested in seeing more as it comes to light will be worth investing in.

Stephen Hughes

Sorcerers Apprentice review

What a romp. This is one of those movies that was a lot of fun to sit through. I really enjoyed this as it was a B style movie with a lot of laughs and some neat special effects.

The story was a little loose but the on jokes and lines from other movies made this movie more enjoyable.

I felt Nicolas Cage was prefect for the role as was Alfred Molina as the evil one. The apprentice was very nerd at first and you may dislike the character initially but by the end he grows into the role and was ok for the role.

I would love to see this with a sequel as it has merit and strength to go future let's hope Disney take a chance on another romp.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

The wait is nearly over

One of the movies on my 'must see' is 'Scorcers Apprentice'. This movie appears like it will be fun. Only time will tell after the weekend. I know it flopped on the US, but I think that the Superhero movies are taking over from more original idea movies.

You only have to look at the take this year so far, Iron Man 2 was huge, Alice in wonderland was huge too but it is an old story done with a fantastic theme. I think this is what is killing a fun movie kids today think the simple movies are boring. Have heard my youngest say his friends not going to see Scorcers Appremtice as it is a kids movie.

Oh well I hope I am proven right!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Scorcerer's Apprentice Opens next week

Even though the Box office in the US was not great for this film, it has been on my radar for awhile now as one to watch.

The movie opens in Australia national next Thursday, September 9 and I am hoping to free up some time on the weekend