Thursday, April 3, 2014

Foxtel Channels - Diney Movies & Disney XD

Well it has been a long time coming. Disney XD and a new or revisited Movie Channel are coming to Australia pay TV on Apr 10.

The Family Channel movies, prior to the changes to a premium and merging of channels last year, pretty much was Disney Movies. Even got a few older movies like 'Third Man on the Mountain'. But that all stopped when the Family Movie channel was changed over.

Now we are getting back the Disney Movies all on one channel. However, looking over the TV Guide it appears that this channel is really only going back to around the second wave of movies. This is the reinvigoration of Disney movies starting with 'The Little Mermaid'.

I personally feel Disney has such a huge cupboard of old shows the kids of today would get involved in. In my volunteer role I use to show 8 - 11 year old older cartoons and stuff from the Walt Disney treasures collection. To them old is new and we should not be afraid to revisit them.

I for one would love to see rerun of the Mickey Mouse Factory - sure old, or other great shows. We have a TV channel that religiously runs Get Smart and older TV shows from the 60's why not have  Disney Archives Channel??

There are many today who have no idea who Walt Disney is? This could just open a door to many new adventures for young minds!

As for Disney XD, I know I have a very excited teen ready to start, and I am looking forward to seeing the Hulk and Star Wars Rebels when it hits our screens!

Bravo Disney for taking the plunge, may this be the start of something bigger! ooh the elusive theme park!

Been a long time!

I can't believe that three years have passed since I updated this blog. Just goes to tell you how hard it is to relevant, unrepeated information from around Australia.

I will keep at it as I know it is ut there.

You only have to walk around Brisbane to see so many Disney shirts with the famous face all over them. It looks like Disney is chic again!

But was it never???

Going to the King of Shows!

Well I got my early in tickets to Lion King in Brisbane. After being the forgotten town for shows Brisbane is starting to become a playground to travel to. If the rate of presales is anything to go by, come Friday there will be slim pickings. I am in for November 8 - Wife's birthday and second last day of performances - for now.

Trying to get hold of premium tickets was a challenge, and I think I got just about the last two!!!!!

I think there will be a lot of very disappointed people come Monday!