Monday, January 24, 2011

'Tangled' 2nd; 'Tron Legacy' 11th - OZ Box Office

Well, I can't believe it. A pathetic movie like 'Yogi Bear' has out stripped 'Tangled' to take position 1 at the Australian Box Office. 1/2 a million separated the pair. I went to 'Yogi Bear' to appease a youngedr child - waste of time.

Anyway, 'Tangled' came in at no 2, with $3.4 million and has raked in $13.4 million to date. That is just shy of 'Tron Legacy' whcih came in at no 11 this week. The takings were 1/2 million. The total take is $13.6 million.

Keep smiling

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