Friday, January 7, 2011

Disney Competitions - my pet pain!

One of the most annoying things about living 'down under' is when a new competition is announced in the US for a Disney trip, benefits and other cool stuff that I am ineligible for due to being 14000 km away.

The pain comes at having to always read the 'fine print' and realise that all the comps are valid to all 50 US states and territorities. What has really sparked this is the new deals from D23. When this product became available 2 years ago, I was stoked at the chance to sign up. But when I really looked into it, I was paying for a membership that only sends out a magazine every quarter, as the other benefits were all dedicated to those in the US! The costs to buy in were too expensive. I know the magazine is beautifully presented but why should Ihave to pay nearly 3 times to get just a magazine. It is far too hard to get to the Annaul Conference due to distance and cost.

There are times when I just wish that Disney Australia would push more. It just seems that the presence in this country is getting smaller and smaller. Yes we have the Disney Channel and Saturday Disney - my kids watch the Disney Channel everyday, so it has a keen base of support. But when i went looking the other day for a contact to ask for some products for a fundraising event, it went to the US to be handled! WT....!

I remember when the Disney Stores were open here, they were constantly full with people, yet when they decided to close stores, all the Aussie ones went, mush to the displeasure of people who regularly shopped there.

They have now introduced Movie rewards, but the chance of getting something will take years based onthe points they have allocated.

I just wish there were more opportunities in this country to explore options for an official fan club with real benefits for me and all other Disney supporters in this country.

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