Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Only the bad news

As the years pass by, I become more and more cynical towards the media. It is very hard in Australia to get any news on Disney operations, but when something nasty comes up, the media here eats it alive.

The one that has sparked this blog is the Donald Duck alleged groping incident at Walt Disney World. To me this sort of publicity is bad, but the fact that the personin question has post traumatic stress fromtheincident and is now suing Disney is disappointing.

If the allegation is true than so be it, but to get this sort of public information in this country is just annoying. You never hear about the cool things that Disney are doing like the Hawaii Resort, or the moving forward of Shanghai Disneyland park. No it is always the sad state of affairs that make the big news.

In Australia we call this the 'Tall Poppy Syndrome', where those that have make it big are cut down to make them just remember who they are, and they are not above the rest of us. There are times when I feel that some things are best unsaid, as this court case has now got international attention that in 95% of other similar incidents would go unnoticed.

The media coverage links:

3AW radio
Courier Mail newspaper

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