Thursday, December 16, 2010

TRON Legacy my thoughts

Well where to start. This movie has had a lot of hype surrounding it and as you have probably read, it has been one to watch. I loved the first TRON. Yeah it is old by today's standard but at time it was ground breaking.

TRON Legacy has been sold on the graphics and boy does it deliver. At times it is hard to know if it is real world or cgi. The killer come when things de-res and they fall away to chips.

The movie starts off with us revisiting the past with a catch up of what has occurred over the past 20 years. The graphics to de-age Jeff Bridges is really good. However of you get too close to his face you see the faults. Interesting move in using that technique.

The story behind Sam and his escapades at the start are interesting in how he has become an advocate for free software as his Dad had tried to establish before his disappearance. The boardroom scenes at the start where we see Alan and the new board of Encom has a huge dig at Microsoft and possibly Apple.

When Sam is uploaded to the grid, it is a bit anticlimactic as I was expecting cool upload graphics, but it just happened. Once inside the first 20 minutes of games and grid racing are awesome. The new vehicle added make you wish you had one of each.

In terms of the story-line, yes it is a bit thin. Gets very spiritual and zen like. Does sort of take some of the heat from the movie, but I was still captivated with the graphics so it sort of goes by easily.

Michael Sheen plays a cool character of Zeus. He is slimy and shady plus a bit over the top. But it kind of needed it. The Charlie Chaplin walk rounded it out.

In terms of soundtrack, when I sampled the music on iTunes it bored me, but in context of the movie it is prefect. Not something I would buy for the car or bus to work.

If there is one low point it would be the ending, felt it left you a little confused and scratching your head. The action prior to the end is fairly cool, but has left an unanswered question about TRON himself. Sequel opportunity here.

I really enjoyed it. It was a great ride. It isn't an edge of your seat romp but it may do well. As too sequels, well that we will have to wait and see.

Did it live up to the hype, yes. Will it be a blockbuster, No.

I am still stoked to have seen it and it will be added to my collection in six months.

Rating: 3.5/5

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Location:Southbank Cinemas Brisbane

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